Magento 2 - ERPLY integration

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This module is a software component that can be added to your Magento installation to provide integration with your Erply inventory management account.


  • Export products, product updates to Magento
  • Export price lists to Magento
  • Import of translations for categories and products from Erply
  • Export categories, product groups
  • Import order into Erply, export order status from Erply
  • Payment methods mapping
  • Import customers into erply
  • Import schedules
  • Logs, queue list 
  • Multi Website support 
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Version 0.1.7
- Added Full Inventory Update Schedule

Version 0.1.6
- Added compatibility with Omniva, Smartpost parcel terminals module (shipping info sending to Erply)
- Fixed customer groups mapping bug 
- Fixed configurable product status bug

Version 0.1.5
- Fixed bugs in price lists imports

Version 0.1.4
- Added new feature: use price from product settings or from price lists

Version 0.1.3
- Added new feature - meta auto-generation logic configuration for product
- Changed logic of creating product URL: added erply product ID to the url end
- Added new feature: Change order status in Magento if order completed
- Added new feature: possibility to add multiple categories
- Fixed bug in price list import
- Fixed swatch attribute option bug

Version 0.1.2
- Fixed bug in product category
- Added new feature - assign product URL to all store views   (same url for all store views or not)
- Added new feature - text attribute mapping
- Fixed bug in boolean attribute 

Version 0.1.1
- Fixed bug in product image name import

Version 0.1.0
- Added new feature - assign category URL to all store views   (same url for all store views or not)
- Fixed bug in Erply category import

Version 0.0.10
- Fixed bug in attribute parameter options

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