GDPR Update: Must-Knows for Your Magento 2 Store

The GDPR landscape is shifting! Enhanced transparency and accountability are key. This means giving users a clear understanding of how their data is used and collected, as well as empowering them to control their information. Not only is GDPR compliance essential to avoid hefty fines, but it also fosters trust with your customers in the EU.

What you have to do regarding your Magento 2 store:

  • Review your privacy policy: Ensure it's clear and users can access data rights (access, erasure, etc.).
  • Implement consent management: Get clear opt-ins for data collection & marketing.
  • Data access & erasure: Allow customers to download & delete their data.

How Multon can help with:

  • Updating your privacy policy
  • Integrating consent management tools
  • Optimizing data management
  • Developing a data breach response plan

Partner with Multon for a GDPR-compliant Magento 2 store!

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