Magento upgrade

Magento discontinued support for Magento 1 after June 2020.

That meants Magento is no longer providing the following functionalities for Magento 1:

  • Security patches
  • Quality fixes
  • Documentation updates

In other words merchants using the Magebnto 1 are now prone to a number of vulnerabilities. With an increase in the number of web skimming (Magecart) attacks, such web stores will face the risk of getting hacked and infected with code that steals customers’ payment details.

Reasons to migrate to Magento 2:

Improved speed

Magento 2 võimaldab 10 miljonit vaatamist tunnis, Magento 1 jaoks lõppes piir 200 000 juures. Magento 2 suurendab lehe laadimiskiirust 30-50% võrra. 

Improved admin navigation

In Magento 2, the admin interface has been simplified that even a newbie will find it easier to become handy with the navigation, without the help of developers.

Improved checkout process

With Magento 2, the checkout process is more streamlined than before. It is also 38% faster than it was with Magento 1. Guest users can check out without registration and registered customers are automatically identified on the basis of their email address. The order-placing process has been simplified, thus improving customer experience.

Enhanced Security

Magento 2 has focused on security, and subsequently, has highly secure information handling. With its primary focus on securing user details and offering a secured checkout process, an upgrade to Magento 2 will fulfill every crucial requirement of an advanced eCommerce website development.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Magento 2 has been constructed with a front-end design. This makes it easier for the website to be browsed on all kinds of devices (desktop/laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.). This helps the website with its SEO rank since Google algorithms place websites with mobile responsiveness higher.

Advanced Reporting

When it comes to succeeding in your eCommerce business, reporting is very crucial. The new advanced reporting features, located in Magento Admin, offer 20 reports through its web interface. This feature gives you insights into three critical areas, such as: Orders, Customers, Products

Upgrade your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 today

How do we help our clients migrate their Magento 1 to Magento 2?

  1. Audit and remove oudtated, redundant data from your Magento 1.
  2. New Magento 2 installation on a server and preparing it for data migration.
  3. Migration all product- and customer-related data, including products, attributes, categories, customers, orders, invoices and other to the Magento 2 instance.
  4. Knowing your requirements, we create a list of Magento 2 extensions meeting your needs and set them up.
  5. Migrating or setting up new Magento 2 theme and optimizing it to ensure smooth shopping experience to your customers.

We can implement a complete migration project or assist you on any of the steps.

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